Goldman Group LLC

The origins of the business started in the early 20th century in the year 1930 by the visionary founder Mr. Jan Ali Ali BinRedha who foresaw the future potential of growth and demand in the Dubai market. The vision started from a small business in the heart of Dubai and grew exponentially year-on-year until it became a holding group. Mr. BinRedha was always referred to as a man of gold who was kind-hearted, independent, and honest. Over time, people started to know him as ‘Gold Man’. Keeping with the legacy and virtues of Mr. BinRedha, we have incorporated his title as the basis of the name for our holding company – Goldman. Goldman Group LLC now is a private holding company with a diverse portfolio of managed companies within various sectors and industries namely real estate, engineering consultants, maintenance, and investment. The group consists of entities each focusing on a specific industries and sectors.

  • Investments & Partnerships
  • Properties & Asset Management
  • Architectural Engineering Consultancy
  • Facilities Management
The holding group plays an active role in managing and stimulating the development of these companies within their respective sectors. Goldman Group LLC keeps on exploring and evaluating new business opportunities while endeavoring to expand all of its existing businesses vertically and horizontally.


Goldman Group LLC is managed by leaders who are experts in various fields with extensive experience in diverse industries. They form the Board of Directors and bring in-depth and diverse experience in the field of Banking & Finance, Engineering, Real Estate, Management and Mega Projects.

Our leaders bring in their knowledge and expertise to every aspect of a project from the strategic level all the way to the development stage. With a strong background in many industries they are experts in guiding and advising on strategies that drive a successful project.

Our People

We pay special emphasis on nurturing the strengths of every employee so that they can reach their optimum potential.

Our Stakeholders

We provide services and implement practices that create value to all our customers, employees, shareholders, and the economy.

Our Culture

We thrive on a culture that is based on excellence, innovation, trust, quality, and continuous improvement.


Goldman Group’s values and ideologies are rooted from four guiding principles (PIES) that are engrained deep into the DNA of the organisation and every individual at every level of the company.