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Goldman Group LLC is a management and investment company involved in different industries, businesses and sectors. The group manages different businesses from top down and explores new opportunities through investment, partnerships and acquisitions.

Goldman Group is a private share holding company managed by shareholders and expert UAE nationals with an extensive background in various industries namely banking, telecommunication, corporate services, tourism, real estate, project management, transportation, corporate management, real estate management, entertainment and the health sector.

The group has a diverse portfolio of managed companies within various sectors and industries namely real estate, architectural and engineering consultancy, facility management, and investment.

Other Question

We are open to exploring and venturing into new industries and adding it to our portfolio through investing, partnering and acquiring businesses with investors and managing those businesses to take it to the next level of excellence and profitability.

Yes, we do invest in businesses that provide new opportunities and have a potential of positive growth in the long run.

You can reach us by calling our group telephone number. Alternatively you can use the contact us form on the website